Who is
Coach DMac?

I’m a funky guy with a big heart and spiky hair, with a passion for having fun, dreaming big, and helping individuals unleash the “Unstoppable Badass” lying dormant inside of them that wants to come out and play.


I believe life is a precious gift, and we have no guarantee how long we will be here.  It’s up to us to design and create a life worth living.  As an Unstoppable Badass, you can literally do anything that you put your mind to.

Yes, life is good!  However, it didn’t always feel that way.

I am nothing like the way I was even just a few years ago.  In fact, people who know me now find it hard to believe I used to be the way I was.  I even find it silly to think of how I used to be, but that was my reality.

An Unstoppable Badass? Hardly.  I was an unstoppable whiner and complainer!

Coach DMac Meeting Brian Tracy

Meeting Brian Tracy

I grew up with a low sense of self worth believing I wasn’t good enough.  I was constantly comparing myself to people I thought were successful, and I lacked  confidence in myself.

I felt like a fraud and lived in constant fear of people finding out who I really was - a loser.  I did my best to appear confident and successful, but inside I felt like I felt like an imposter.  I felt afraid to put myself out there, and to let people know the real me.  I was easily intimidated and often experienced anxiety attending networking events with other professionals because I was fearful of being judged.

Despite spending the last 30 years trying to improve myself by reading books, enrolling in training programs, and attending success and motivational seminars I never felt like I “arrived.”  I was constantly chasing success and it was always alluding to me.

Interestingly enough, helping others achieve amazing results was something I could do that actually came quite naturally to me.  Helping myself was a different story.


Until I discovered….

Success is Not About the Destination, It’s about Enjoying the Journey!

With this seemingly simple yet profound discovery, I began to practice this philosophy in every area of my life and business that I was dissatisfied with, and I noticed things began to change - sometimes almost immediately.

With these changes came a new level of confidence.  I started to dream bigger and redefined the vision of who I was, who I wanted to become, and what I wanted to experience in my life.

I used this discovery to develop a process I could follow utilizing strategies I now refer to as “DMac’s Hacks,” allowing me to simplify my life, increase my income, eliminate stress and worry, and live each day with happiness and gratitude while pursuing my big dreams.

A lot can change within a year.

I am 50 Pounds Lighter

Through my unhappiness came stress eating, which caused me to add an extra 50 pounds to my body that I did not want.  I was prescribed medicine for my high blood pressure.  For 10 years I tried everything I could to drop the weight with no success.  I was embarrassed and didn’t like to look at myself in the mirror.  Using my new process I dropped 50 pounds and have maintained my weight ever since.

Before... After...
Businessman and watering pot  (path in side)

Doubled my Income

I was raised with the belief that making money was hard, and always made enough to scrape by.  I next used this process to change the relationship I had with money and actually allowed money to flow - doubling my income.

Debt Free

For years I was mired in credit card debt paying thousands of dollars of interest each year.  I focused my attention on eliminating my debt, which actually happened faster than anticipated.  The money I used to pay towards interest is now being invested generating interest for me.

I am sharing these parts of my journey not to impress you, but to show you if I can do this after years of struggling anybody can do this.

Life is too short to be unhappy.  If you are unhappy or dissatisfied with any part of your life or business, I want to help you change your circumstances..

The bottom line is all you have is right now.  Yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come.  Stop settling for less than you deserve, and get started today living the life you dream about.  All that is required is the belief that you can, and I certainly believe in you.

Unstoppable Badass Challenge

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Daryl Murrow - DMAC-Transparent

Daryl “Coach DMac” Murrow is an author, motivational speaker, and coach who helps entrepreneurs and leaders go after their big dreams and live happier, healthier, and abundant lives.

He and his team provide training programs, coaching, and life changing events for entrepreneurs and leaders who are ready to maximize their impact, increase their income, and experience a greater level of satisfaction, joy, and fulfillment.

By combining  inspiration, encouragement, and personal insight with proven step-by-step roadmaps for desired outcomes, Coach DMac has provided training and coaching for thousands of aspirational business owners who want to expand their vision of success and help make the world a better place to be.

Coach DMac is the author of Gaining the Systems Advantage: Strategies to eliminate stress, work fewer hours, and be more profitable in your business, helps overworked and stressed out business owners free up their valuable time and reclaim their life back by building a business that can run effectively without the owner having to be there.

Coach DMac is the program designer and Master Facilitator for the ScaleUp Washington program, a training program that helps business owners discover, plan, and develop an actionable growth plan scaling the size of their companies.