About Coach DMac

Coach DMac provides innovative programs and solutions for CEO's, business owners, and entrepreneurs who want to design their business to run effectively by itself, so they can achieve a greater level of satisfaction, joy, and fulfillment in their lives.

Originally established as the Murrow Group LLC in 2008 by founder Daryl Murrow, the company was rebranded as Coach DMac in 2021.


Coach DMac's believes every business should be Fun, Rewarding, and Profitable, and is an investment which should provide it's owner(s) the lifestyle they desire.

Core Values

Living in Integrity- We honor our word to ourselves, our clients, and our team members by keeping our commitments and communicating when we can’t. We always do the right thing even if it's not popular.  We refuse to gossip or talk negatively about anyone or any situation.

Being Authentic  - We believe we can only do great work when we can be ourselves and express our truth, instead of pretending to be something we are not.  We believe in being honest with ourselves and others, and have the courage to stand up for who we are.  We accept people for who they are and agree that it is okay to disagree.  

Expressing Gratitude - We are grateful for the people we meet, the clients we have, and the work we get to do.  We believe in taking personal responsibility and refuse to blame others or situations for our own experiences.

Delivering ResultsWe are passionate about winning – for our clients, our team members and our company. We measure success by both the outcome and the path to achieve it.

Having Fun  - We understand change can be difficult and challenging, and we always seek ways to make the process and the overall experience fun and enjoyable. 

Our Approach

At Coach DMac, we use a Coaching / Consulting hybrid model to help our clients achieve their desired outcomes in the shortest timeframe possible.

Coaching - We provide our clients with inspiration, encouragement, and share personal insight to help them stay focused, overcome obstacles, and achieve their most important goals.

Consulting - By providing each client with a proven step-by-step roadmap, templates, and a software program, we help our clients do a lot of the "heavy lifting" to accelerate their progress and achieve their goals.